Entrance Design Contest

Over the past year or so your HOA Board of Directors has discussed what we believe is a need to upgrade our entrance features to better reflect the quality, beauty, and ambiance of our community. At issue are a few concerns; we believe that the present signage is a bit small and/or is not well placed and we know that the letters are prone to fall off the fa├žade and/or have been vandalized.

Given these issues, and of course others you may have noticed or considered, your Board plans to renovate the existing neighborhood entrance features including the signage and / or wall structure located at Anderson Mill Road and Centennial Trail. Your HOA Board is looking for new and creative design ideas that would effectively represent the prestige of our neighborhood and enhance the esthetic beauty of the entrance. We encourage ideas around a simple fix; i.e. new signage on the existing wall. Or, a complete redo of wall and signage, either out in front of a new wall or placed on a new wall.

All residents should receive a document that outlines the rules of the design contest and where to make your submission. You can also review this document on the website:

2014 Entrance Design Contest

We look forward to making improvements to the entrance that we all pass on a daily basis.