Google Fiber coming to Austin

On April 9th, Google and the City of Austin held a press conference to announce Google is bringing their ultrafast Google Fiber product to Austin.  This makes Austin the second city chosen by Google  to implement their fiber based internet service.

How much faster is it?  I currently have AT&T Uverse Internet and the fastest plan I could buy is 24 Mbps for $66 a month.  Google Fiber will offer 1000 Mbps for $70 a month.

How much will it cost?  The rates have not been announced yet, but are said to be in line with what residents in Kansas are paying.  Google will provide residents with a symmetrical 1000 Mbps connection (or a gigabit) for a monthly rate of $70, and a bundle of Internet and television service for $120 per month. For those individuals who either don’t want or can’t afford this package, Google will offer a free tier with speeds of 5 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream. Customers need only pay a $300 installation fee for the fiber connection–either upfront or spread out over 12 monthly payments of $25–to be guaranteed free Internet for the next seven years.

Why do I want a faster Internet connection?  If you use services such as Netflix or iTunes to download and watch TV shows or movies, having a fast connection will reduce any lag you experience such as buffering or stuttering playback.  If you simply use the Internet to browse websites or check email, you will experience improved page load response times.

Even if you do not need the gigabit speed offered by Google Fiber, the option to receive the 5 Mbps version for seven years and only a one time cost of $300 will definitely save you money compared to your current internet service costs.  (7 years = 84 months.  $300/84 = $3.60 per month!)  I guarantee you pay more than that for 5 Mbps internet service.

What parts of Austin will get Google Fiber first?  This is a good question that no one has an answer for yet.  The best way to get Google Fiber is to tell Google you are interested.  The more people from our neighborhood that show interest, the more likely they will bring it to us sooner than later. Click the link below and enter your email address and zip code. There is an Austin Business Journal article that discusses the best way to ensure your neighborhood gets Google Fiber that you can read here.

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